Rigondeaux sofre lesões por queimaduras

Cozinheira rigo
Foto: Damon Gonzalez/LatinBox
Atualizar: Rigondeaux supostamente tem duas córneas gravemente queimadas e perdeu aproximadamente 80% de sua visão.Felizmente, sua visão parece estar voltando lentamente.

Por Damon Gonzalez/LatinBox

Estamos enviando nossas orações por Guillermo Rigondeaux, que foi ferido em um acidente de culinária na noite de quinta -feira em sua residência.Fontes indicam que uma panela de pressão explodiu sobre o ex -campeão mundial e causou queimaduras em seu corpo e rosto.Ele foi imediatamente levado para um hospital em Miami, Flórida.Rigo é estável no momento e esperamos uma recuperação saudável.

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  • Hope he is alright and makes a full recovery. I wonder how exactly that thing exploded though…

    • Probably didn’t seal it right. Or when releasing the pressure, it’s violent.

  • Hope he recovers fully from this. A pressure cooker, if not sealed correctly, can be dangerous on a stovetop. I use electronic pressure cookers nowadays. They shut down if the pressure is too high and just will not build up pressure if the seal isn’t tight. Much safer all around.

    Those stovetop pressure cookers scare me. I’ve had a couple explode while no one was around the stove. The ceiling took the damage when the pot top hit it.

  • Judging by the picture he had too much in the pressure cooker and it was covering the safety valve on the side and clogged up the safety valve on top. Modern stovetop pressure cookers have 3 safety mechanisms, but u have to read the instructions and know what u r doing. You can’t just fill them up nearly to the top like that.

  • Simply put, the degree of burns is the key to recovery. Based on the picture and I am assuming this is after the burns, it appears he does not have any third-degree burns. My guess it would be first and second-degree burns. I am pretty sure he will recover just fine.

    • Updates coming in on other websites. Apparently, his corneas were affected from the burns. His future is up in the air till further assessment of his eyes as they heal.

  • We pray for you Guillermo, perhaps the last time we saw him in a ring last week.
    It’s time to hang up the gloves for him I think, he cannot win any title fight anymore.. Don’t want to watch him being used as a stepping stone..

  • I sunburnt my eyeballs once. Oh my lord when I woke up the following morning that was some of the worst pain I ever felt. I was practically blind, couldn’t open my eyes, felt like hot pebbles constantly stabbing and on top of that eyeballs were totally bloodshot red didn’t even look like eyeballs anymore.+ Vision was foggy couldn’t read or anything which was the scariest side effect for me, because i didn’t know if I’d permanently f’d my eyesight. Took like 4-5 days for it to start improving but luckily after a month or so I totally recovered my eyesight.

    • Stop taking the piss Law. You can’t sunburn your eyeballs. As soon as you look into the sun, you would instantly look away automatically.

  • Poor guy, I hope he makes a full recovery. Even though my pressure cooker is electronic I’ll inspect it more closely than usual before the next use.

  • Anything to get out of his next fight what a bum boxer fightn burned out bums

  • Man, I’m sorry to hear that happened to Rigo but is he cooking in his boxing trunks? Who does that?
    Does he sleep in them too?

  • I think he’ll be ok. He was at the hospital I work at in UM. He is lucky to have lived so close to Bascom Palmer Eye Institute. GOD forbid any of you suffer a severe ophthalmological injury, that’s where you would want to be.

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