Kingry-Pitbull clash implodes

Eric Gomez: “We did everything possible to make this fight happen.”

By Hesiquio Balderas® had the opportunity to speak exclusively to Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez, who gave his thoughts about the situation regarding the Ryan Garcia and Isaac Cruz and the hurdles they encountered during the negotiations, and more importantly, he wants to tell the boxing world the truth about what’s going on.

Eric Gomez: “We did everything possible to make this fight. We also petitioned the WBC to do an immediate purse bid and it got denied. It’s very clear to us now that Isaac’s team doesn’t want the fight.”

Despite the rumors that Sean Gibbons and the Cruz team wanted the fight, it’s been reported in different social media outlets and forums that Gibbons has been saying that the time isn’t right for the fight to happen and that they will explore different scenarios regarding the career of Pitbull Cruz.

Taylor-Zepeda in the works
Estrada-Franco will be on July 16

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  • Isso é muito ruim, é uma luta muito boa.Garcia - Zepeda também seria bom e é uma luta mais fácil de fazer.

    • O pit bull é um anão em roids menos um pescoço.Com isso dito, Golden Boy é inteligente para evitar o PB porque ele pode destruir a lenda que nunca foi.

  • Não acredito em Golden Boy e acredito na equipe de Cruz.Quando os lutadores querem lutar contra os melhores, os concursos são feitos.Os fãs reais do boxe sabem que Ryan é um poser e uma prima Donna e ele só está interessado em seus seguidores no Twitter e não em lutas perigosas.Uma luta contra Cruz não é uma vitória garantida para Ryan Garcia, e ele e sua equipe sabem disso.

  • Alguém tem medo do pequeno pitbull, imagine o que uma perda faz com sua saúde mental

  • O Golden Boy não tem credibilidade com a base de fãs do boxe.Sério mano?Pitbull não queria a luta?Realmente?Seriamente?Vamos lá, cara.

    Mesmo BS repetidamente.

  • Não acredito por um segundo que Cruz seja o culpado aqui.O cara lutou com Gervantae Davis em pouco tempo e venceu !!!(Scorecards eram lixo).Desta vez, ele teria um campo de treinamento completo e tempo para se preparar para Query.Ele levou a pequena vadia e isso seria que, por sua carreira, e as redes de pesca sabem disso.Que pena.

    • It seems to me that someone made some sort of deal for Cruz to back out. I think Garcia’s confidence was shaken when Luke Campbell dropped him. He may have won but his belief in his own invincibility was taken away. I think that is what is going on. But I admit it is just speculation.

      • Not speculation. You are spot on. Ryan also failed to impressively win against the African guy. Ryan doesn’t want his good looks or popularity to go down the drain. He’ll stay away from legit opponents. The winner of the Garcia vs Cruz fight was supposed to get a shot at the Kambosos vs Haney winner right? Hard to believe someone would legitimately pass that opportunity up. Golden Boy promotions are liars. Always have been.

  • Garcia has a pattern of not following through in boxing matters, so I am inclined to believe Cruz was ready to fight. Not sure what is next for Cruz. Cruz may have to wait for other big fights to conclude and/or KO somebody in a “stay busy fight.”

    If Cruz is not interested in a “stay busy fight,” maybe he can work out an intense fight with Rivera. Otherwise, Cruz should stay in the gym while working on his jabs, his straight rights and setting up his punches (with control).

  • he fought Tank and …kinda won, and knocked out Gamboa impressively…he ain’t ducking pretty boy…sheesh

  • Of course, it wasn’t going to happen. I know Cruz fan but I respect him and KNOW he wants the smoke. Ryan Garcia is NEVER going to step up in class. He’s going to fight these no-named fighters to pad his records. He wasn’t even disciplined enough to stay in Canelo’s game. I’m not a Canelo fan but the guy works his ass off. Ryan is afraid of real work. I HIGHLY DOUBT Cruz would turn down this opportunity. That doesn’t sound kosher.

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